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How Fluid AI works?

Uncovering the Hidden

A.I. is great at finding those hidden co-relations and causations which hide deep within Big Data. At Fluid AI, you bring the data and we provide you with the knowledge that will help you succeed.

Constantly Learning

The world is a dynamic environment; so why do analytics on static data? We use algorithms which constantly learn from new information enhancing their ability to better predict the future.

Success is our metric

Our tech is only as good as the predictions we make. We set up our solutions so that it's easy to see the differential that our accurate predictions can make.

Deep Learning

Our system moves beyond simple mathematical relations and correlations to develop a learning framework which develops an integrated understanding of the problem you are trying to solve.

Genetically Evolving

Taking inspiration from Darwin's Theory our AI system evolves millions of scenarios and responses constantly selecting the best response in a given scenario.

Continuously Changing

Some of our AI solutions change and evolve literally every 0.5 seconds. At that level of adaptation you can be sure our solution never lags the changing environment.

Our Solutions

Some of the areas we are working

E-Commerce & Web

E-Commerce & Web

Whether you are in e-commerce, advertising or any other online web portal, our web based AI provides you a competitive edge in your business.

Retail & Marketing

Retail & Marketing

Our AI can judge the sentiment of your brand across social and online media and generate the right campaign for your brand.



Most government departments and offices have meticulous records spanning decades. We help you derive intelligence from those records.

Fluid AI works with Warren Buffett and Forbes for their 100 year anniversary

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Top Deep Learning Vendors - Global AI Report.


Featured as Cool Vendors for AI, 2017.
Hype Cycle Report for AI, 2017

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Awards & Recognitions

IBM Best Deep Tech Startup

MasterCard Start Path

Microsoft National Challenge Winner

Intel Global Perceptual Computing Challenge, Winner

ABN AMRO, Get in the Ring Challenge Winner

BBVA Open Talent Top 20 Global Fintech company in 2016

Nasscom Emerge 50 winner

Product of the year / AI solution of the year

Top 35 startups in India

TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon 2012 New York

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Our Global Team

3 REASONS Why Fluid AI?

We have over eight years experience in the field solving challenging problems for Fortune 500 companies.
We are winners of the Frost and Sullivan IT Award for Emerging IT Application 2016 and have been recognized on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2017 List, Fortune 40 Under 40 India 2018 List and as the Top 25 Entrepreneurs of 2019 by the India edition of the Entrepreneur magazine.
Our turn around time for solutions is typically weeks if not days
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