Risk Analysis

Fluid AI believes that the power of artificial intelligence can be used across industries, sectors and use cases. Our team is working hard to bring about a future where our solutions redefine the landscape of what is possible using AI.

Variables Used

Customer Demographics
Customer Transaction
Credit Card Transactions
Customer Earnings

Customer Balances
Customer Financial Behaviour in 3 years
Savings Bank Account
And 743 other such Data Points

Risk Profiling

Filtered and improved targeting of loan offers based on Willingness and Improved Credit Score combing AI with R1 to R8 and unscored methodology

Model Performance on Real Data / New Defaults

Fluid AI Prediction


Bank Prediction



48.18 % of additional people who the bank previously considered un-lendable are now lendable.

On Unseen data the AI Engine caught 95.55% of all defaulters.

All this was achieved while keeping the default rates same.

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