Deliver relevant one-to-one personalized messages at scale.

Fluid AI Marketing platform analyses customer demographics, psychographics, and transaction data in real-time to predict which customers are more likely to convert for a product or service. Based on these insights, the engine auto initiates conversations with customers via their preferred communication channel regarding the most relevant product for them.  Conversations seamlessly happen at scale over text messages, WhatsApp, Email or even an AI phone call.

16 Million

User Interaction

86 %

Prediction Accuracy

8 K

Leads generated

67 %

Better Conversion

Accelerating Growth Through
Automated Multi-channel Activation

Identifying & Filtering potential customers

Identify potential customers by considering multiple parameters across multiple data sources

  • Demographic data
  • Psychographic data
  • Transactional data
Identifying Potential Customers

Classifying & Mapping Relevant Product

Real-time analysis of customer data to predict which customer is more likely to convert for a product or service.

  • Deep learning Neural Networks
  • Self-learning algorithm
  • Genetically evolving algorithm
Associate right product

Selecting Relevant Communication Channel

Connecting with the customers by selecting the most appropriate communication channel

  • Website & app-based interaction
  • Email & Text-based interaction
  • Whatsapp based interaction
  • Voice Call based interaction
  • Physical Screen based interaction channel
Relevant channel selection

Scheduling Time for optimum outreach

Time decisions to reach out to customers are decided based on multiple rules and best practices

  • Business governance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • General marketing governance
Time Decision

Automated Customer Campaign

Next best action with the highest probability of conversion is proposed to complete customer journey

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Up-sell & Cross-sell
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Reactivation
Next Best Action

The simple way to make your data dazzle

The AI tool has an entire ecosystem to connect with customers – Right from placing an automated voice call to web/email bot, from mobile app or WhatsApp bot to engaging with a Digital Avatar in an ATM Kiosk or experience center in a bank.

Interactive Dashboard

Interactive dashboard with customizable UI and detailed reports of customer interactions

Real time Status update

Real-time status update of the customer's stages in Customer Lifecycle

Channel Performance

Detailed analysis of Channel performance mapping user interactions with conversions

Focused on Actionable Insights

24 X 7 running prediction engine to analyze and identify actionable Insights

Overcome Business
Challenges with Ease


Reduce Customer Drop-offs

Reduce drop-offs by sparking curiosity and increases user engagement and dwell time by 5x.


Save Human Resource

Not just limited to dropping off leads to agents, but manages and automates end to end marketing cycle till conversion and more.


Authentication & Validation

Collects and validates data from digital or voice channels, while also structuring and cleaning customer records on your CRM.


Quick updates & Request handling

Quick turnaround in handling users request and providing information or updates

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