Insights and analysis are only as good as the Data you are using.

Fluid AI Artificial Intelligence Platform for Data Quality enables you to cleanse unstructured data and monitor quality discrepancies on an ongoing basis, helping to turn your data into trusted information. The solution offers end-to-end data cleansing and correction across all your system silos with precision and utmost security, enabling you to cleanse, dedupe, standardize and match data; and maintain data lineage.

Data Cleansing
20 +

Database supported

57 %

Validation accuracy

62 %

Dedupe percentage

75 %

Data quality improvement

5 layer Automated Filtration

Monitor errors

Observing unstructured data and identifying various field values that are misplaced, missing, incorrect and irrelevant

  • Extract data from multiple sources
  • Populate missing fileds
  • Flag incorrect data
  • Sanitize data

Standardize Processes

Standardize data rules and define structures for tracking and comparing data across organizational structures to control error.

  • Name
  • Customer Code
  • Mobile number
  • Email ID
  • Address
Standardize Process

Correction & Validation

Validation of the data for accuracy and quality.
Consolidation of Validated data from all sources in a structured format maintaining field consistency

  • Placing validated data in single format
  • Correct data recorded in the incorrect field to be reclassified
  • Unstructured format to be sanitized into one format

Deduplicate Data

Identification of duplicate records based on multiple logic-based checks and Validations.
Classifying the record with maximum data points filled as Golden Record.

  • Matching data from all sources
  • Applying Business Logic
  • Golden record identification

Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment using Existing information from different data sources & Golden record information

  • Matching existing data with Golden records
  • Matching Internal Data with External Data
Data enrichment

The simple way to make your data dazzle

The Data Cleansing Platform provides an entire ecosystem to track data; right from data extraction to providing a detailed analysis and displaying key performance indicators (KPI).

Customizable Dashboard

Interactive dashboard with customizable UI and detailed reports of data management

Real time Status update

Real-time status update of data in cleansing stages

Monitor Performance

Detailed analysis of Data performance mapping data extracted with validated data

Focused on Actionable Insights

24 X 7 running prediction engine to analyze and identify actionable Insights

Overcome Business Challenges
with Ease


Security & Compliance

Data handling and security is in compliance with the Corporate IT Governance


Save time and increase productivity

More accurate data reduces the time wasted on incorrect data and positively impacts the business.


Improve decision making

Improves decision making by maintaining quality and accurate analytics


Boost results and revenue

Quick turnaround in sanitizing data and makes for better results and greater ROI

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