We are building a team of Champions

We believe in being highly transparent and communicative from the inside out, which allows us to give the highest level of service to our partners and customers. Fluid AI is at the forefront of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution, optimizing business process and improving customer experience for today and tomorrow.

Cultural-fit first and foremost.

We’ve fostered a company culture that reflects through our work—centred on innovation, speed, hard work and a unified drive for our mission. We’re upfront about who we are and what we offer our clients, and we encourage a sense of community across our teams to provide the best possible solutions


Be Bold

We are not afraid to tackle big projects and push the limits, we get things done and fast!


Be Integral

Follow on being true to your work and else will follow, Integrity is essential.


Be Persistant

We innovate, we test, we iterate and we learn along the way. We keep evolving.

Unwind like the Nothernlies

We know its tough working 5 days a week, so we always try to make work a bit more fun at Fluid AI

  • Forget Monday Blues at Fluid AI.
  • Regular Team Outings
  • Holiday and Festival Celebrations
  • Encourage Talent with our in-house Talent Hunt
Open Positions

Work with Us

Job Descriptions:

 Fresher and Experienced Developers required.  Knowledge of Python is must.  Knowledge in Libraries like Keras, Tensor flow, Numpy, Pandas is preferable.  There are many variations of passages.  Knowledge in Software like Picharm/Jupiter notebook is preferable.  Database/Mysql.


 0 (Fresher) to 2 years of experience.  Knowledge of Python is must.  Knowledge in Libraries like Keras, Tensor flow, Numpy, Pandas is preferable.  Knowledge in Software like Picharm/Jupiter notebook is preferable.  Database/Mysql

Job Descriptions:

Development of company's products including Chatbot platform, AI video call platform and ERP platform
 Planning, designing, developing, debugging, implementing and supporting web-based applications and services
 Modifying existing software to correct errors, allowing it to function in new operating environments.
 Improving software quality by conducting systems analysis.  


 Experience in Node.js is mandatory.
 Strong Knowledge in Node.js and MySql.
 Strong knowledge in OOPs and RDBMS.
 Knowledge in Web Services/REST/SOAP.
 Knowledge in Mobile App Integration.
 Knowledge in Web Server Technology (Memcache, Jquery/JSONP, JSON/XML) etc is desirable  

Job Descriptions:

Product development.
Prepare and produce releases of software components.
Implementation of Java Based Custom Algorithms and Libraries for Data Processing.
Generation of web services and API.
Maintenance of code base using versioning tool


Fresher - 2 years Experience.
Well versed in Databases and Querying for significant amount of data.
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