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We believe in being highly transparent and communicative from the inside out, which allows us to give the highest level of service to our partners and customers. Fluid AI is at the forefront of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution, optimizing business process and improving customer experience for today and tomorrow.

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We’ve fostered a company culture that reflects through our work—centred on innovation, speed, hard work and a unified drive for our mission. We’re upfront about who we are and what we offer our clients, and we encourage a sense of community across our teams to provide the best possible solutions


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We are not afraid to tackle big projects and push the limits, we get things done and fast!


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Follow on being true to your work and else will follow, Integrity is essential.


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We innovate, we test, we iterate and we learn along the way. We keep evolving.

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We know its tough working 5 days a week, so we always try to make work a bit more fun at Fluid AI

  • Forget Monday Blues at Fluid AI.
  • Regular Team Outings
  • Holiday and Festival Celebrations
  • Encourage Talent with our in-house Talent Hunt
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You will have a great opportunity to work in Nodejs on Fluid AI's conversational AI and chatbot product. For this role you should have knowledge of Nodejs and Express Framework. You will be put on the development side and be given production work from day 1. We are an innovative organization with a culture of continuous learning, innovation and hard work. Our products are used by international customers like North American Banks, Mercedes Benz Germany, Bosch to name a few. It is an exciting opportunity to work on a multitenancy SaaS platform which also has interactive avatars that you can talk to. We've built these for Warren Buffett, Amitabh Bachchan and other big celebrities! See more about the product here: (https://fluid.ai/index.php/conversational-ai-chatbots/ and https://fluid.ai/index.php/https-www-fluid-ai/ai-avatar/ ) MISSIONS & OUTCOMES EXPECTED
  • MISSION: To develop amazing conversational AI functionalities that delight our global customers
    • OUTCOME 1: Improve conversational AI intent matching performance
      • Increase English Intent Matching Unseen Accuracy by 15%
      • Increase German Intent Matching Unseen Accuracy by 20%
      • Improve General Multilingual Accuracy by 20%
    • OUTCOME 2: Launch 3 exciting new features on the Fluid AI Bot Platform within the first 3 months
    • OUTCOME 3: Enhance Customer Service Handling Functionality for the Fluid AI Bot
      • Change the architecture of customer service handling from passive take over to active allotment of customer interacting with the bot to agents
      • Change experience of agent takeover to become more scalable
    • OUTCOME 4: Drive smarter and better analytics of conversations and drop offs
      • Reduce overall alert lag between bot performance and customer to 5 minutes
      • Smarter Insights to customers of improvements they can make to bot flows after analysing conversation data to help increase performance of the bot
  Additional Useful Skills: Below are a list of skills which will be used in the job however, you do not need to have these skills and they can be taught to you in the organisation Reactjs Docker Tools that you will need to work with (again training will be provided) Harbor Gitlab Gitlab CI/CD Jira Confluence Slack Miro AWS EC2

We are looking for Python AI ML Developers that like challenging problems and interesting work. At Fluid AI you will be tasked with both product side work on our core AI Analytics Platform Frontier and at the same time you'll get to work with some of the largest banks, insurers and healthcare firms in North America, Europe and Asia and exciting AI ML problems like credit decisioning, product upsell, insurance fraud, healthcare machine failure and others to name a few. Good knowledge of Python is useful. We love people with a spirit to learn. You will be exposed to areas like data science, AI, docker as well. Below is what we expect from you when you join:

To save and earn our customers money through the Fluid AI Analytics Product and our Data Science Implementations
Outcome 1
Create value for our Customers
To drive 4 million USD of value (money earned or money saved for customers) through our current Data Science AI and ML implementations and the Fluid AI Analytics Workbench Product in 6 months
Reduce the validation error percentage of atleast 3 existing Fluid AI projects by 30% (Example, making an error rate of 20% down to 12% or an error rate of 40% down to 28%) by improving the approach and adopting new approaches and algorithm for the same.
Outcome 2
Make game-changing changes to our product
Launch atleast 3 new game changing AI/ML functionalities in the Fluid AI Analytics Product that customers love
Redesign the existing product to make it more useable while making usability a trackable measure
Drive then launch of the companies new product on ML Governance within 45 days of joining

  Description   At Fluid AI we are working across different technologies and customers globally for the implementation of different AI based solutions. These include exciting projects with North American Banks & Insurers, some of Europe's premier manufacturing and healthcare firms along with Asia. We are looking at hiring a business analyst who will work with our implementation team to successfully launch large AI solutions which are transformative and game changing for our customers.   Culture  
  • You should enjoy having a very strong work ethic and have a passion to work hard to achieve your dreams and work on game changing things.
  • You should enjoy innovation and research. There will be times when you don’t always have the answers and that is okay, but you should be excited by the opportunity to figure out things you haven’t done before
  • We love to constantly improve how we do things, everyday we improve and you should enjoy a process of constant improvement.
  • OKRs and Daily Reports is how we drive and monitor productivity
    Your responsibilities would include  
  • Coding Knowledge is a very big plus!
  • Work on Technical Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Conversational AI and Software Projects. Architect the solutions with the team and customer and design solutions and allocate epics and stories to the team
  • Be a Product Owner and review everything that is being accomplished
  • Understanding Client Requirements and documenting the same. Communication with client as well as the internal team is the key. We would like you to go much beyond what is stated to really understand the key value drivers for the client and how the team should work towards achieving them.
  • We want you to develop metrics to monitor the value being delivered and finding out new innovative methods which would ensure high business value being delivered to the client.
  • For ongoing projects develop reports and dashboards which showcase the amount of business value being delivered to the client.
  • Identifying and solving any blocking items and bottlenecks especially on the IT infrastructure side.
  • Work with the team on building out a strong technical approach
  • Document technical approaches effectively
  • Setup processes for effective team & client functioning
  • Constant Communication with customers and internal teams over daily and weekly calls.
  • Ability to Multitask and handle multiple projects across multiple customers at the same time is a a critical skill
  • Experience with software programming in the past would be an added plus
This would involve working with international customers across time zones. Client Interaction and an ability to manage complex projects is a must. An ability to work across technology teams and managing multiple projects and customers is a must. Experience with software technologies is an added plus as the position will involve understanding customer needs and working with the software development team in terms of delivering solutions. The right candidate can be based in any region globally but must be available during India working hours from 10am to 8pm

  Mission: To Drive Value for our International Banking Customers through product and solution development   Outcomes to Achieve:

  1. Value to customer through savings on Bank collections platform development which triggers Fluid AI Voice Calling and Whatsapp Bots
  2. Building a multi ai agent coordinator product for Fluid AI in Java Springboot
  3. Creating dashboards and reports using tools like Metabase
  4. Driving value through automated pipeline deployments using Fluid AI's Python product
  About the Role   Be a member of Java Springboot team and Python teams which are building game changing applications. We are looking for innovators that will change software development with the help of AI. At Fluid AI you will get to work on cutting edge Analytics, Banking and AI software. Developers will get an opportunity to learn and work on latest high end technologies and platforms like Docker, Gitlab amongst others. Our team builds sophisticated platforms used by International Banks and others. These platforms handle marketing, operations , collections, loan origination for large corporates across North America amongst other product areas.   Tasks and Requirements  
  • Will be working on banking projects. Must know connections of Java Springboot with Backend Databases like MySQL .
  • Researching, designing, implementing and managing software programs • Testing and evaluating new programs
  • Identifying areas for modification in existing programs and subsequently developing these modifications
  • Writing and implementing efficient code
  • Determining operational practicality
  • Developing quality assurance procedures
  • Deploying software tools, processes and metrics
  • Maintaining and upgrading existing systems
  • Training users
  • Working closely with other developers, UX designers, business and systems analysts
Location and Other Information
  • Work from Anywhere.