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Businesses have been radically disrupted by the COVID-19 crisis. Implementing the right solutions at the right time can help mitigate this impact, helping you quickly adapt to the changing conditions and become more resilient in uncertain times

AI-powered Digital Reception

Automate Front-Desk Reception services with AI Digital Avatar

Contactless In-Store Kiosk

Voice and gesture-enabled Kiosks for touch-free interaction in Stores

Automated AI-Voice Calling

Manage and Automate your inbound and outbound customer calls.

Business Process Automation

Automate Manual or Human Intensive process with AI Decisioning Systems

AI-powered Digital Reception

Fluid AI Digital Reception for a complete touch-free front desk experience in your office and stores.

Computer Vision and Face Detection

Powered with superior Computer Vision and Face Detection, the digital reception can easily recognize employees and visitors even with their COVID-Masks.

Monitor and Track Number of People in Office

The Avatar can monitor and track the number of people with- in the office premises, and raise an alert when the limit is nearly full.

Contactless In-Store and Branch Kiosk

AI Avatar made available on a kiosk form factor with 24 X 7 availability to run people-less retail stores and bank branches.

Voice and Gesture Enabled for Touche-less Experience

Complete with Voice and Gesture control, customers can easily operate kiosks with zero human contact, Avatars are smart enough to make two-way conversations

Faster, Better and Smarter Service

Avatars are trained to serve your customers faster and smarter, helping them navigate through menus, answer FAQ's, complete quick service tasks or up-sell products

Automated AI-Voice Calling and Contact Center

Make conversations more productive and engaging with AI agents that talk, understand and interact with your customers

Handle Inbound Calls

AI Voice agent to handle incoming calls, right from lead qualification to addressing customer queries.

Outbound Lead Generation

Voice calling to generate and qualify leads in minutes after they've contacted on your website or App.

Renewal and Payment Reminders

Automatically remind customers to make credit card or EMI payments, renew insurance policies, or reorder essentials

Automate Customer Survey

Automate customer feedback, gather product review, conduct market research or measure satisfaction with voice sentiment analytics

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