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Goal Is To Help Businesses And Human's Embrace AI

Fluid AI is an AI-first company in the digital-first world, we believe the power of artificial intelligence can be harnessed to change the way we live and work, for the better. For that, we work round the clock to build the most innovative solutions possible through our shared commitment to AI, while constantly redefining what is possible.


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What We Do

Artificial intelligence is not just one service or mechanism.

AI is applied in many forms, from intuitive bots that self-learn, through to intelligent tools that transform data insights into powerful business solutions. By talking with businesses and listening to their needs, We build AI based products and platforms that turn problems into a business’ best asset.



Humanize their AI conversations across various interfaces with Digital Avatars that think, speak and interact with your customers like a human!

  • Browsers and Applications
  • Branch and Store Kiosk
  • AI Experience Centre


AI-powered bots to engage with customers to convert better or extend support to users on the go, answer queries instantly and seamlessly.

  • Conversational Text Chatbot
  • Two-way Interactive Voice Callbot

AI Products

End-to-End AI-powered solutions to automate and optimise business process which directly impacts the bottom-line revenue.

  • Delinquency Management
  • AI Marketing Platform
  • AI Contact Centers
  • Visitor Management

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Artificial Intelligence

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