As lockdowns around the world are easing out, businesses are slowing getting back up on their feet and economies are finally opening up. But has the pandemic really subsided, or are we just learning to live with it? Can we really expect to get back to “normal” life? Probably not.

In this semi-post-pandemic world, businesses need to rapidly adapt to new norms and ensure higher levels of safety. Any form of callousness could have grave consequences; for their employees, customers and the brand. To combat this period, information technology and medtech companies around the world are rapidly adapting their existing technologies to suit the needs of the current situation.

Fluid AI, an AI first company has harnessed the power of AI to help institutions navigate this post-Covid world. Its range of futuristic technologies can equip businesses to carry out the necessary daily activities, while keeping the risk of infection at a minimum.

Digital Avatar as your front-desk reception

One of its top solutions is an AI powered Digital Reception, which facilitates a completely touch-free front desk experience in offices and stores. Its superior computer vision and face detection technology allows for easy recognition of employees thereby replacing the former touch-based attendance systems such as fingerprint scanning and ID card detection.

  • Fluid AI’s smart Avatars can have two-way conversations.
  • Check if the person is wearing a mask through Face Detection
  • Monitor and track the number of people within the office premises
  • Raise an alert when the limit is nearly full.

Touch-Free Kiosks in Branches and Storese

With a majority of people working from home, offices are working at 10-30% strength, making it difficult to sustain appropriate levels of customer service and satisfaction. Fluid AI’s intelligent Avatars can also be put into a kiosk form, converting bank and retail branches into people-less stores. These Avatars are trained to do everything that you would expect from a regular on-floor staff member – helping customers navigate through the store menu, answer FAQs, complete quick service tasks or up-sell products. Customer are served better, faster and with zero human contact. Explore more

Replacing Contact Centers with Automated AI-Voice Calling

Fluid AI has voice-calling bots, which essentially function as a perpetual call centre. The AI Voice Bot can understand customer needs, answer queries, generate leads, call for payment or renewal reminders and even conduct customer surveys! AI bots can work 24X7, thereby spreading out the overload at peak hours, to throughout the day. Customers get standardized high-quality experience, and businesses can save on training costs, creating a win-win environment.

Finding opportunitiy in adversity

While 2020 may have unfolded some unpleasant surprises, this year can also be used as an opportunity by companies to reinvent themselves and pave avenues for new innovation to be imbibed into the core of their organization. The next few years will see a breakthrough in the adaptation of new technology and the smartest businesses will come out better and stronger than ever before.

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