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We are changing the way humanity interacts with technology. If you are an innovator who wants to be a part of a game changing company, we want to hear from you.

Table of position

C & C#

We are bringing AI to the retail environment, fundamentally changing the way digital interactions take place in-store in a very natural, engaging manner, with a team that has spent years on AI research and computer vision.


Python & Java

Artificial Intelligence is great at finding those hidden co relations & causations deep within big data. We provide solutions to our clients using genetically evolving algorithms.

Java & Python

It helps in developing a computer program ‘ChatBot’, designed to simulate conversation with humans via a chat interface and also a speech to text platform which takes audio signals as input and returns the same in the text format.


We are building the future of technology, today. We work in decentralized teams, with each person having the freedom to approach and solve problems creatively, while still working and learning from the other team members.


At Fluid AI, you will be exposed to challenging problems and entrusted with the freedom to solve them in your own way. We believe in developing easy solutions to complicated problems. We want inventors who do not just embrace innovation culture, but are fuelled by it.


Life at Fluid AI is fast paced and action packed. We have an exponential learning curve - the better you get, the more challenging the problems become. Our team is made up of creative thinkers and dreamers, who are working together to build one of the world's most exciting and cutting edge technologies on a global platform.


We are looking for driven ambitious people, who are excited about building things, and don't mind working that extra hour to get just the perfect product. If that's you, we want you to get in touch with us.


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